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The top eject Model 1881 was a consolidation of Wheeler, Burgess, Toepperwein, and Marlin patent desns The Model 1895, first offered in 1896, was a closed top, square bolt, side eject Hepburn desn, scaled up in the receiver, barrel and magazine to accommodate larger cartridges.

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It was available in take down form and with round and Octagon barrel lengths from 15" - 32" in length.

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Early Model 1895 lever guns persisted, at least in the form of a lhtweht version, until 1917, the last date any 45-70 model variation was offered.

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In 1948, Marlin introduced a new family of lever action rifles in the form of the Model 336 with a much stronger round breech bolt that was completely enclosed in a solid top receiver, with the exception of the gun's ejection port and locked in place with a large locking bolt.

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